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High-profile example of peacemaking.

When a relationship of any kind between two human beings comes into conflict, boy can it hurt.  Beginning to heal the relationship is crucial.  Often it’s just so difficult – or so our mind tries to convince us so (*do* pay attention to the human being, your real Self, behind the curtain).

My experience of A Course In Miracles has led me to the idea that relationships are the most basic unit in the universe, analagous to, say, strings, or light, or dark matter, or stars or galaxies – and that relationships never end (they will change, a new relationship may seem to take the place of an old one … illusion: a friendship broken, a new friendship, the first friendship, even if broken – all the love remains forever).

It is so wonderful to experience firsthand or otherwise, a reaching out and an acceptance of that touch, as in this story of Mr Williams and Mr Woods.